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The evolution of prepress


Synergy was developed with the single aim of evolving the way printing companies access prepress services. In a world where delivery of maximum output with minimal effort is the ultimate goal, DFLOW Synergy makes that goal a reality.

We developed this solution to drive the future of prepress services. Synergy allows you to scale your prepress capacity without increasing operational costs while making your pre-production flow as efficient as possible.

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The solution

Adapting to printers both large and small, Synergy shifts the prepress burden. Working within the scope of your workflow, Synergy seamlessly integrates into your existing systems to augment or even completely remove the requirement for onsite prepress. With decades of experience in the printing industry, DFLOW has built a prepress solution that accounts for nearly every possibility.


Linking Synergy preflighting into your production workflow reduces your time per file and increases throughput. Our automated solution creates sustainable workflows, shifting you away from fixed-cost, manual preflighting work.

Art Fixes

Artwork is not always fit-to-print, which can lead to production delays. Synergy’s automated workflows monitor files, earmark errors, and prepare fixes. If required, files can be escalated to our trained prepress operators for manual editing.


We understand how important proofing is in helping to avoid costly reprints. Our online proofing solution eliminates endless email chains via a user-friendly web interface. Synergy can send proofs to you, your customer, or both.


Synergy’s automated imposition solution delivers accurate and repeatable impositions based on your requirements. With the ability to handle a myriad of impositions and binding styles, even complex impositions can be completed with accuracy every time.

Raster Image Processing

With a cloud-based RIP built on the latest architecture and scalable processing power, Synergy seamlessly delivers fast and accurate output to your required platesetter or output device. Our fully featured RIP offers industry standards for screening and calibration, giving you the confidence that the output of your legacy system can be mirrored.


The Value in Synergy


Our solution experts work with you to create the production flow that works best for your current system and any future efficiency goals. Synergy leverages your current strengths and lessens any operational weakness.

Resource Overflow

Synergy creates scalable production capacity, reducing the burden of staff resourcing and overtime expenses with a predictable costing model.

Fast Delivery

Highly automated, software-driven systems process files in minutes without operator intervention.

Cost Flexibility

Shifting prepress to a flexible operational expense delivers direct bottom-line savings. You pay only for what you use. Synergy’s pricing allows you to calibrate your spending based on the size of your workload.


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