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ngine is a digital platform created to deliver professional wholesale graphic design services to industries who need graphic design as an integral part of their supply chain.

Designed to service any industry type or company structure, from franchise groups, marketing agencies, print companies or corporates, the ngine system can seamlessly integrate into your current website or work as a stand-alone SaaS platform.

The platform provides you with the best and most efficient way to request, collaborate and manage your creative projects for your customer and markets.

ngine delivers a modern creative workflow system to help you streamline supply of design services, lower operational costs and increase the profitability of graphic design sales.

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What we did

Merging a modern SaaS experience with a traditional design studio produced a successful combination, providing cost effective design services at scale.

This flexible software platform can be tailored to your organisation’s needs, with different service levels, design types and team sizes.

Some of the benefits of adopting the ngine platform are —

Digital delivery of design services
ngine is an easy to use, always available, web application, which is customised and branded to your organisation, providing users with direct access to designers and resources to commission their creative projects.

Increase profit on graphic design as a service
Outsourcing your design lowers the direct cost associated with its supply to your organisation or your customers. These cost reductions immediately increase profit margins on graphic design services.

Scale workload capacity without employment overheads
Instead of the costs associated with employing or contracting staff as you cope with a growing customer base or reliable surge capacity, ngine can scale its capacity with a lower fixed cost.

What's different about ngine?

Our knowledge and experience with B2B partnerships, traditional design studio operation, and the delivery of a modern software platform provides your organisation a valuable opportunity to profit from this. We think quality wholesale graphic design should be cost-effective, sourced reliably and easily accessible.

Providing this service effortlessly to business is the difference ngine delivers.


ngine wholesale graphic design services

ngine was created to fill a gap in accessing quality graphic design, going beyond template based design and delivering cost-effective custom design.


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