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Preflightr is a cloud-based intelligent artwork processing system that accurately determines whether files will pass your specifications to be printed. It allows for faster processing and increased customer satisfaction by providing user-friendly notifications, instructions, and workflows to help customers prepare their artwork files before they reach your print shop.

A data driven preflight solution, DFLOW Preflightr is the ideal solution for printers wanting to focus more on growing their business than day-to-day workflow management.

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Get it right the first time.

Your production processes and customers are unique, Preflightr utilises your MIS data to check each job for the correct product intent and specifications. DFLOW Preflightr performs an automatic validation process to check that your customer’s artwork files adhere to your production requirements and equipment.


A customer focused solution

With Preflightr, clients upload their files to your customer portal or internal systems. It then performs extremely fast validation checks for each file to see if it meets a print ready status. Integrating customers into your workflow saves you time and money from doing this manually and tying up valuable staff.

Preflightr makes preflight easy

An intuitive interface makes Preflightr simple to use for your customers. They receive friendly file alerts and instructions on artwork that may need changes before it even reaches your network. Delivering file approvals or denials in seconds will allow users to learn your systems more quickly and lead to greater satisfaction from a seamless workflow.

Intelligent, comprehensive
file checks

Helping make defective artwork printable

Preflightr automatically fixes common artwork problems. However, artwork that requires extra work can be fixed by DFLOW’s highly trained prepress staff. Integrated within the system’s workflow, more difficult artwork edits can be forwarded directly to specialist staff and returned back into your workflow for production.


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