Innovation in digital

DFLOW is a technical agency and product lab that builds for the future of business.

We deliver day-one value to your business through solutions and products that increase productivity, and real profitability. DFLOW strives to create business efficiency through technology where data is the hero.

Our approach is different. We challenge existing ways of work.


We make things better.


Perfecting second order thinking

Technology moves faster than ever, and keeping up can challenge any business.

At DFLOW we devise strategy and build clever technology that transforms your workflows, making downstream processes more effective and providing greater business value.



Data Intelligence & Visualization

Our data team focuses on transforming complex data sets into clear actionable information. Data should tell a story, and we’ve got some of the best storytellers.

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Intelligent Process Automation

Operational speed and agility determine the viability of any business. Our IPA engineers focus on building greater certainty into processes to increase flexibility and profitability.

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Software & Product Development

DFLOW builds custom products and software to deliver market advantage from conception to deployment.

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Print Technology Solutions

With a deep history in the Printing and Prepress industry we can help design and deliver a range of automation, workflow optimization, integration, digitization and development solutions.

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Marketing Technology

Across a breadth of channels, we understand marketing and the science behind it to help deliver valuable scalability.

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Real time value delivery from DFLOW


DFLOW designed and built a custom logistics delivery system for a large Australian manufacturer

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Distributors data insight

DFLOW built a custom reporting system for a global distributor

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Discover how DFLOW can change your business.

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