DFLOW – Innovation in Digital

Client Partner: Large wholesale manufacturer

Location: Sydney, Australia


A leading Australian manufacturer approached DFLOW to provide a solution to a challenging problem of inefficient freight logistics and shipping costs which were reducing sales margins. The goal was to automatically build efficiencies into their workflows that would create data-first decisions for freight logistics, streamlining their delivery system utilising a combination of in-house local and commercial interstate couriers. DFLOW developed an innovative approach that optimised freight systems and realised the operational cost savings they were seeking. 

"Pre-Covid our data was disparate and not conducive to our determined growth strategy. Working with DFLOW changed all of that.

With Shipd our data is now working for us, providing more operational efficiency and reducing our costs."

— Chief Operating Officer


Shipd - Data Driven Shipping Solution

DFLOW lives in the space between challenges and solutions across industries, and the challenge posed by this Sydney wholesale manufacturer presented the opportunity to develop high value software to remove operational weaknesses. The organization was manually lodging parcels with couriers and making business decisions based on the discretion of their dispatch operators.  

These decisions used outdated business rules and best guess as opposed to data analysis from historical data and real-time route planning to choose the most efficient and cost-effective courier. Other inefficiencies were found in using multiple couriers to check shipping prices, consigning parcels with multiple courier companies and manually typing in delivery details. 

Shipping automation

With Shipd the manufacturer’s local delivery vans now use smart route optimisation to plan the most time effective route improving their on-time and predictable parcel delivery. Through Shipd, split-second decisions on whether to use an in-house local van or commercial courier is now standard practice. 

Built using modern software methods, and connected directly to a shipping aggregator, Shipd provides the organization flexibility to determine the lowest price and time frame from all company couriers, making instant decisions using data including delivery schedules, estimated costs and previous delivery data to that area or customer. An advanced algorithm along with to-the-minute data allows this to be performed without user interaction reducing human error and producing predictable outcomes. Unifying all delivery data, Shipd automatically prints out the required shipping labels on networked printers for the dispatch staff. 

Systems integration

Once the optimum shipping method has been chosen, Shipd sends data directly into the organisation’s ordering system, providing shipping information including delivery method and consignment details. This is visible both internally and to the end customer.  Business reporting automatically reflects new deliveries created within Shipd enabling customer service and management to act on this information. DFLOW provided a means of data interchange via API resulting in less data corruption and clean up, decreased delivery times and lower operational costs. The integration of the systems offers operators and managers the clarity needed to produce better forecasting, clearer insight into freight logistics and ultimately happier customers. 


  • 88% end-to-end reduction in time for parcel lodgement (from 2 mins to 15 seconds).
  • A saving of a Full Time Employee through automated decision-making and a streamlined packing line allowing a single operator to pack and consign.
  • More efficient routes for the delivery drivers.
  • Timely and accurate logistics reporting
  • Freight cost savings using data insights, data-driven automation, and simplified business processes.


Shipd is a smart package lodgement solution that integrates all available shipping methods to calculate the most cost effective and fastest delivery for packages. Directly integrated into both the shipping software and a client’s ordering system for complete interoperability and automated decision making.