DFLOW – Innovation in Digital


Across a breadth of channels, we understand marketing and the technology behind it to help deliver valuable scalability.


Ready, Set, Market

Configure. Integrate. Automate.

Marketing is quickly evolving with technology. It’s more complex, which means more time is spent on system integration and data analysis.

As the digital marketing landscape evolves, so do the needs of marketers. This can lead to feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to start. Our team of marketing experts and developers have put together an ideal solution to allow you to succeed with marketing technology.

DFLOW delivers powerful backend solutions that can be tailored to your business, and we offer a cost-effective and innovative approach.


Maximise leverage

Your onsite team does not have to scale in tandem with customer acquisition. Leveraging the DFLOW MarTech resources, your scale is limited only
to your imagination. Across industries, DFLOW helps customers with ecommerce configuration and marketing platform integration, campaign delivery,
data analysis and visualisation.

"In God we trust.
All others must bring data."

— W. Edwards Deming, statistician, professor, author, lecturer, and consultant.

"It is a capital mistake to
theorize before one has data."

A Study in Scarlett” (Arthur Conan Doyle).


Technical set up and configuration
Automation orchestration
Channel performance measurement
Paid media management and optimisation

E-commerce platform integrations and management
Campaign delivery
Solution integration
Application administration
Technical support